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If you are new to my books, here's what you can expect when you read an Urcelia Teixeira novel.

I take a piece of Bible scripture and infuse it with an epic good vs. evil plot, drench it in mystery and suspense, and bring the story to life with realistic characters you can't get enough of. My books are page-turners that will leave you breathless, inspired, and, if I did my job right, deepen your relationship with the one true God.

In short, you'll enjoy them if you love...

Mystery, suspense, true crime, clean action, adventure, and Christian faith!

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The Angus Reid Mysteries

Welcome to Weyport, a fictional small coastal town along the U.S. Maine coast where it seems everyone has a secret!
Sheriff Angus Reid is new to town but, as he settles in, secrets bubble to the surface, one by one.

With a desk full of suspicious open cases and too much to prove, he is determined to clean up his town and win the hearts of his people, one crime at a time.

This ongoing series follows on from the prequel Little Boy Lost. Although each novel is an independent story, they are best enjoyed in sequence.

Get ready to be taken on plot twisting journeys through a town where it seems everyone has a secret.

Start the series with the prequel, Little Boy Lost. Download FREE here.


Jacob's Well #1

Daniel's Oil #2

Caleb's Cross #3


The Adam Cross Suspense Series

Twists, turns, mystery, and biblical faith abound in these three heart-stopping Christian Suspense novels you will find hard to put down!
Christian Fiction readers have called this series "addictive", "poignant", and "edge-of-your-seat suspenseful".
Get ready for epic good versus evil thrillers filled with page-turning suspense, twisting mystery, well crafted characters, and endings you won't see coming.

Brew your coffee and settle in for break-neck speed mystery and suspense as you escape to the not so sleepy Turtle Cove with our not-so-ordinary mission man, Adam Cross. 

Every Good Gift #1

Every Good Plan #2

Every Good Work #3


The Valley of Death Trilogy (Jorja Rose Thrillers)

Ocean's 11 meets Jason Bourne with faith!

A high-octane three-part heist-crime series that will take you deep into the underbelly of art crime. Lots of clean action and packed with real-life facts, you will join Jorja Rose as she travels from London to Switzerland and onto Abu Dhabi, all in an attempt to escape her nefarious past as an art thief...and death!

Desperate to right past wrongs, things go from bad to worse, locking her in a web of hatred, fear, and crime.

Can she finally escape her past and find true redemption?

You will want to binge-read this one!


Vengeance is Mine #1

Shadow of Fear #2

Wages of Sin #3



The Alex Hunt Adventure Thrillers

 Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft with a twist of James Bond!
Romance. Adventure. History. Clean action. Christian values. This series has everything you'd expect from your next series binge-read!
Alex Hunt is no ordinary heroine. She was raised by two renowned archaeologists and knows the thrill of a treasure hunt or the dangers that trail behind. Join her and her formidable sidekick, Sam Quinn, as you travel to exotic locations all around the world, hunting down ancient relics of forgotten pasts in a race against time to solve ancient mysteries.
If you enjoy good old fashioned archaeological adventures with lots of twists, turns, and clean action, then pull up your favorite armchair and get ready to read all night.

For readers who wish that Dan Brown was Christian!

The Rhapta Key #1

The Gilded Treason #2

The Alpha Strain #3

The Dauphin Deception #4

The Bari Bones #5

The Caiaphas Code #6



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