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Urcelia Teixeira

The Rhapta Key - Alex Hunt Adventure Thrillers Book 1

The Rhapta Key - Alex Hunt Adventure Thrillers Book 1

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When fear stands between you and your enemy, what do you do?

Raised by two archaeologist parents, Alex Hunt was quite familiar with the dangers that come with adventure. But when death tragically claims her mother’s life, she vows to never partake in another one.

Until years later, her father mysteriously disappears. 

Includes Bonus digital content and a copy of the series prequel.



“This is a stupendous, action packed and absolutely terrific archeological thriller. It is such good reading that I would give it more than five stars if possible. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”


“If you have never been on an adventure with Alex Hunt, you are in for a treat!!! There is some history, action, unexpected twist n turns, some lite romance, and a mystery to solve!! I read it in one sitting (had to know what happened next). This is my third book by this author and she has delivered another winner! Give this one a try!! You won’t be disappointed!!”

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