Collection: Valley of Death Trilogy

A thrilling three-part edge-of-your seat story that takes you deep inside the mysterious world of art crime where Jorja Rose fights to right past wrongs.

Twenty years ago Jorja Rose walked away from her life when a heist went terribly wrong.  Forced into hiding, she attempts to put the past behind her, leading a quiet existence in a small coastal town in the South of England.

But when her deepest, darkest secrets suddenly bubble to the surface, her life is turned upside down.

What ensues is a thrilling three-part edge-of-your seat story that takes you deep inside the mysterious world of art crime as Jorja fights to right past wrongs.

Gripping from the very first page, this Christian Suspense trilogy promises to keep you on the edge of your seat! Walk alongside Jorja through her perilous valley of death as she embarks on a heart-wrenching journey of forgiveness, redemption, and true freedom.


Action-Packed Christian Read! Hold on to your seats! This Christian read is action packed full of twists and turns. You’ll be unable to put it down.